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Tips on choosing the best fitness equipment for home

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More and more people are choosing to train at home. Read this blog before you start shopping online for your own home gym. We have listed a number of tips for you that will help you when buying fitness equipment for the home.


Before you start, determine your fitness goal. For muscle building you need completely different fitness equipment for home than when you want to build up your condition. It is common to do strength training to build muscle. Do you want to get fit and build or maintain your condition? Then go for cardio and choose equipment that fits. Do you mainly want to burn fat? Then combine strength training with cardio for optimal results.


Do you want to get fit, build fitness or lose weight? Then cardio exercises are perfect to do. You can do your cardio exercises outside, but the weather doesn’t always allow it. Buying a fitness equipment for home is the ideal solution.


Flow Fitness has different equipment that fits your cardio goals. For example, think of our exercise bike. This fitness device is perfect for beginners. You mainly train your lower body and burn calories easily. Are you rehabilitating or are you prone to injuries? Even then an exercise bike suits you perfectly, because there is not so much pressure on your body.


Do you also want to work on the muscles in your upper body? Then an elliptical crosstrainer offers the ideal solution. An elliptical cross trainer makes your muscles stronger, because you move both the muscles in your upper and lower body. In addition, the crosstrainer improves your endurance.


With a treadmill you can also take a walk in bad weather. Do you want to burn fat? Then it is important to keep a high heart rate and you can do that by running on a treadmill. Did you know that running burns more calories than any other cardio exercise? This of course depends on the intensity of your training.


Do you want to burn calories and also strengthen your muscles? Then a rowing machine is perfect for achieving your goals. You actually do a full body workout, without putting a lot of strain on your muscles. You easily train your upper body, but you also include the muscles in your lower body.


A speed bike suits you perfectly if you are a real cycling enthusiast. Simulate a racing bike experience with a speed bike. The speed bike looks a lot like an exercise bike, but there are many differences. With a speed bike, for example, you train more intensively and therefore you improve your condition a lot faster.


Do you mainly want to build muscle? Then go for strength training equipment. What is actually indispensable for any strength training is a training bench and a set of dumbells. With a number of fitness items in your possession, you can train and strengthen different muscle groups. Have you found your home fitness equipment yet? View all our products and order it quickly in our webshop. Do you still need advice? Please contact our customer service.