‘‘To be in a Flow is the total absorption into an activity to the point where time seems to stand still. The pressures of the day disappear and great satisfaction is taken in the moment. The mind and body are working together harmoniously and effortlessly, leaving the person a feeling that something special has occured.’’

This is how the American professor of psychology Csikszentmihalyi describes the ‘Flow’ feeling. A description that led to the name Flow Fitness. The quote represents the feeling that arises when you become one with your activity. The perfect harmony between effort and relaxation will make your workout pass by easily. Flow Fitness strives to develop fitness
products that help achieve this feeling and gives you a positive contribution to the quality of life.

Our mission

creating a better life by improving health and fitness in a stylish way

Dutch Design

The Flow Fitness products are developed by our team of Dutch top designers. They apply the distinctive Dutch Design characteristics to our products and are inspired by the feedback from consumers and dealers. This results in a technically advanced and wide-ranging assortment of the highest quality that keeps up with the latest trends.

Personal and service oriented

Personal contact and advice lie at the heart of Flow Fitness. Questions and complaints about our products are instantly and professionally resolved by our customer service department. When you contact us by phone we will make sure you swiftly get to speak to the correct person. Questions or concerns conveyed via e-mail or social media will also be handled immediately.

Extensive warranty

Are you aiming to improve your endurance, strengthen your muscles or train for a specific event? You can rely on the products by Flow Fitness. We guarantee top quality and will do everything we can to achieve your goal with you. Flow Fitness persistently tests all fitness equipment for quality, safety, durability and usability. Moreover, all our products comply with the current European environmental and quality requirements, among others ROHS (environmental certification), NEN-Norm 957 and CE marking.

Flow for Live

To us it’s not just about profit and growth. In addition to our drive to get everyone to exercise and make them feel better, there is also an intrinsic need to do something for society. That’s why we regularly donate fitness equipment to institutions for people with a mental disorder. Due to limited budgets, these institutions often have no means for sporting goods for the residents. We provide the right equipment and guidance so they can exercise and have fun again.


Behind Flow Fitness is a group of driven and sporty team players who work hard every day to deliver the very best product quality and service. We are proud that within a few years we have developed our brand from scratch into a leading player in the European fitness market. We work closely with both our resellers and end users to offer the best customer care. We have a clear goal, we are not complex and open and honest about what we de: what you see is what you get.

How it all started

Industrial product designer Gerben van Kalsbeek was asked by Reebok to develop an affordable and easily foldable treadmill with production in Taiwan. This successful I-Run Treadmill was the end result and it was the stepping stone for developing an own range of fitness products; the Flow Fitness brand was born. The brand was an instant success and within two years after the launch there was a dealer network of more than 100 points of sale.

The rapid growth of the company did not go unnoticed by the outside world. It received no less than three times the Gazellen Award from the Financieel Dagblad for the fastest growing company in The Netherlands. It is a honourable recognition, but growth is not a goal in itself for Flow Fitness. The result of what we do and how we do it, is much more important so we do our utmost best to deliver as importance. We work up a daily sweat for sales, marketing, distribution but above all effective after sales and a technically skilled customer service, so we can create a better quality of life by improving health and fitness.

Timeline EN

Jan 21

Launch Flow Fitness online store

Aug 26

Flow Fitness available in Germany

Aug 26

Flow Fitness introduces LED guide lights

Aug 27

Flow Fitness available in Denmark

Oct 03

Flow Fitness available in the Czech Republic

    Oct 01

    Flow Fitness available in Poland

      Jun 05

      Flow Fitness moves to Lijnden-Amsterdam

      Aug 26

      Introduction training with apps

      Jun 02

      Flow Fitness available in the United Kingdom

        Jan 06

        Flow Fitness recruits its 100th reseller.

          Jun 01

          Flow Fitness available in Lithuania

            Jul 01

            Winner of Gazellen Award 2009

            Winner of the Gazellen Award 2009 awarded by Het Financieel Dagblad for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

            Jul 01

            Winner of Gazellen Award 2008

            Winner of the Gazellen Award 2008 awarded by Het Financieel Dagblad for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

            Oct 10

            Winner of Gazellen Award 2007

            Winner of the Gazellen Award 2007 awarded by Het Financieel Dagblad for being one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

            Oct 14

            Introduction of the XT800 rower

            The first air resistance rower with heart rate controlled programmes.

            Jul 11

            Development I-Run Treadmill

            The I-Run Treadmill is developed in association with Reebok. A compact treadmill for the perfect indoor running session. What makes this treadmill unique is the option to fold it very flat. There have been numerous attempts to copy this design.

            Oct 06

            Development of the Tango folding bike

            Commissioned by Volkswagen the Tango folding bike is developed. This unique bike was available as an accessory for the Beetle and fits exactly in the spare wheel compartment.

            Jan 01

            Founding of Flow Fitness

            Flow Fitness was founded by industrial designer Gerben van Kalsbeek in his student dorm in Amsterdam.

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