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Dynamic+ Line

The Dynamic Line brings athleticism and technological innovation together in one product.

Some of the Dynamic Line products are so durable and of such high quality that they can also be used in a light-commercial environment. This category of products is called the Dynamic+ Line. These top-of-the-line products are particularly suited for e.g. rehabilitation centres, hotels, businesses and schools.


Preventive maintenance
To get the most out of your fitness product, one of our specialised service engineers will be happy to assist you with periodic preventive maintenance. Interested? Please contact us for further information.

Prestige Line

High quality, stylish designs and competitive prices

Coolblue and Flow Fitness have joined hands! The result is the Prestige Line. By combining Coolbue’s excellent service and Flow Fitness’ durable quality, we have created a range of fitness equipment which is designed to meet all your desires. So why leave the house to go to a busy gym when you already have the ideal fitness equipment at home? You can work on your stamina in peace. The Prestige Line cross trainers and home trainer excel in durability and stylish design. But even more important: they are very competitively priced.


The commercial fitness line for intensive use.
Combine athleticism, usability and durability and the result will be the Perform Line by Flow Fitness. This light commercial fitness line is designed for intensive use, making it perfect for the athlete who holds himself and his equipment to the highest standards. The products are perfect for physiotherapy practices and hotels, but also for home use of course. It’s all about performance.

Gym Equipment

Combine cardio-exercises with a strength workout and you will lose weight faster. By building muscle mass, you will burn more calories in your daily life and stored energy, such as carbohydrates and fats, is used up.

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