• Max. user weight 100 kg
  • 121 x 48 cm running deck
  • Speed 0,8 - 12 KPH


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Flow Fitness Runner DTM200i loopband

Our treadmill DTM200i is the successor of the DTM100i with the important difference that you can also run on this treadmill. If you’re a walker, but you might want to start running carefully, then you have the ideal treadmill with the DTM200i. With its compact size of 13.9 cm, you can easily roll it under the couch or bed after your workout.

The DTM200i is a great treadmill with an extra wide running deck of no less than 48 cm. Even at the highest walking speed of 6 KPH, you can have a safe and comfortable walk. Are you warmed up and want to start your running training, then you fold the handrail and you’re ready to go. With the remote control you can set a speed of up to 12 KPH. If you set the treadmill to automatic, it will adjust the speed to your pace. That is convenience of the highest order.
The handrail of this treadmill is equipped with a tablet holder. If you want to add more structure to your workout, you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the KS Fit app. With this app you can not only operate the treadmill, but you will also find different training schedules for walking and running.

Compact treadmill with many options
Handy remote control

With the user-friendly remote control you can start your workout, take a break and then resume your workout. You can also set the speed.

Compact treadmill with transport wheels

With the handrail folded, the treadmill is only 13,9 cm high. Sturdy transport wheels ensure that you move the tire to its storage location with minimal effort.

Built-in tablet holder

Thanks to the built-in tablet holder in the handrail, you can follow your favorite Netflix series on your tablet or smartphone or train for more serious work with the app.

Training with the KS Fit app

This app takes over control of the treadmill and provides attractive walking and running training schedules.

Extra wide running surface of 48 cm

The spacious running surface of the DTM200i provides extra safety during your workout. With a width of 48 cm and a length of 121 cm, this treadmill is very comfortable.

The DTM200i: a treadmill and running belt in one

The DTM200i has a wide running surface for an undisturbed walk. The treadmill is limited to 6 KPH. Once the handrail is folded up, the speed can be increased to a maximum of 12 KPH for a brisk run. The speed can be set via the remote control. With the automatic setting the band adapts to your pace.

Too beautiful to hide

With a folded handrail, this leaves a compact treadmill with a height of only 13.9 cm. The treadmill is equipped with sturdy transport wheels so you can roll it effortlessly to its storage place, for example under your sofa or bed. A shame really, because such a beautifully designed treadmill actually deserves a spot in sight!

Set your pace manually or automatically

If you want to maintain a regular pace, you can set a constant speed with the remote control. With the automatic program, the belt adjusts to your ideal speed. This works as follows: if you increase your pace, you will automatically walk further forward. If you walk too slowly, you walk to the end of the band. In both cases, the treadmill will detect this movement and will automatically increase or decrease the speed. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to concentrate on your speed. And that is great when you are breathlessly following your favorite series.

  • 1 Manual program
  • 1 Automatic program
  • KS fit
  • Bluetooth 4.0
Technical specifications
  • 1.0 HP continuous (2.0 PK Peak)
  • 0,8 – 12 KPH
  • 121 x 48 cm running deck
  • 3 Years on parts
  • 2 Years on service call fee
  • 10 Years on the frame
  • Max. user weight 100 kg.
  • 99% pre-assembled
  • Foldable
  • Transport wheels
  • Led display in remote control
  • € 799