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Runner DTM100i WalkingPad

A compact treadmill explicitly designed for hikers.
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Unique in the world


The DTM100i treadmill is the youngest and most affordable of the Flow Fitness treadmills. This compact treadmill was explicitly designed for hikers who want to stay fit and keep their weight down.

If you like variation, we recommend the Walking Pad. Connect the app via Bluetooth and let it take you through beautiful walks or serious training sessions for your chosen goals. As often and as long as you like without being bothered by wind and rain.

Out of sight, out of mind

Once you’ve got miles on it, you can fold the DTM100i. When folded, the height is only 12.9 cm. You can easily move or store it under your bed.

Compact remote control

The compact and lightweight remote control allows you to easily adjust the speed to your preferred pace.


The user-friendly remote control lets you adjust the speed of the treadmill to a maximum of 6 km/h. If you choose the automatic programme, the machine will speed up when you move forward and slow down when you move towards the end of the belt.

The front of the DTM100i has a clear display which shows several different values, such as your walking speed.

Automatic program

If you have an injury and your physical therapist told you to keep active, walking is the perfect solution. The DTM100i automatic program allows you do this safely, because the programme adapts to your pace. 

Achieve your


  • Recovery
    Make progress in your recovery with the DTM100i
  • Relaxation
    Unwind during your workout with the DTM100i
  • Vitality
    Stay healthy and vital with the DTM100i


  • Total number of programs
    : 2
  • Manual programs
    : 1
  • Display values
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Number of steps
Technical specifications
  • Product size: 143,2 x 54,7 x 12,9 cm
  • Product weight: 28 kg
  • Speed range
    : 0,5 - 6 KPH
  • Tread width
    : 120 x 41,5 cm
  • Motor
    : 1 HP
  • 3 years on parts
  • 2 years on service call fee
  • 10 years on the frame
Heart rate
  • Not available
  • Max user weight
    : 100 KG
  • Max. user weight 100 kg
  • 99% pre-assembled
  • Foldable
  • Transport wheels
  • LED display
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