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Frequently asked questions

Where can I submit a service request?

Do you have a question about a product or need advice? Please contact us via the form on our contact page. If you have a service request or request a technician visit, please fill out a support ticket.

Is it advisable to work out with a chest belt?

When you are planning to complete a heart rate controlled work out it is advisable to use a chest belt. A chest belt is more accurate and less susceptible to interference then using the hand sensors. Additionally, the chest belt offers the freedom to adopt different positions during your work out.

Can I perform a heart rate controlled training on the Flow Fitness products?

All Flow Fitness equipment that offer training programmes feature multiple heart rate controlled programmes which enable a responsible and save training method. Contact your dealer for further advise.

Do the products run on electricity?

A couple of the Flow Fitness products run on batteries. The products with training programmes run on electricity.

Do the devices make noise?

All Flow Fitness magnetically braked products have high-quality bearings that ensure a silent workout.

Can I assemble the product myself?

All our products come with a clear Dutch and English manual. With this manual it is possible to assemble the products yourself. A number of our dealers also offer an assembly service.

Where can I find the serial number?

You can find the serial number next to the adapter plug in. When the product does not come with an adapter the serial number can be found underneath the large plastic covers.

Can any chest belt be used with the Flow Fitness products?

Check whether your Flow Fitness product has a Bluetooth heart rate receiver or a 5 kHz heart rate receiver. Both require a different heart rate belt.

Can I order spare parts for my product?

Do you need a new part for your product, then please fill out this form for us.

We would like to receive a copy of the purchase invoice, the product type and the part number you require (see the parts list in the manual).

I purchased my product from a dealer outside of the Flow Fitness network. Is the warranty still applicable?

Flow Fitness only has service and warranty agreements with official Flow Fitness dealers. Unofficial dealers will not be able to handle any Flow Fitness service or warranty issues. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, always check before purchase whether you are dealing with and official Flow Fitness dealer.