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Speed bikes
Where can I submit a service request?

Do you have a question about a product or need advice? Please contact us via the form on our contact page. If you have a service request or request a technician visit, please fill out a support ticket.

Is it advisable to work out with a chest belt?

When you are planning to complete a heart rate controlled work out it is advisable to use a chest belt. A chest belt is more accurate and less susceptible to interference then using the hand sensors. Additionally, the chest belt offers the freedom to adopt different positions during your work out.

Can I perform a heart rate controlled training on the Flow Fitness products?

All Flow Fitness equipment that offer training programmes feature multiple heart rate controlled programmes which enable a responsible and save training method. Contact your dealer for further advise.

Do the products run on electricity?

A couple of the Flow Fitness products run on batteries. The products with training programmes run on electricity.

Do the devices make noise?

All Flow Fitness magnetically braked products have high-quality bearings that ensure a silent workout.