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Which home fitness device suits me the best?

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Not everyone likes going to the gym. With the purchase of a fitness device you can exercise at home without any hassle. But how do you know which home fitness equipment is the best for you? Based on the different goals you will find out in no time, so that you can get started effectively.


The crosstrainer is a great device to work on your goal, because: You train the whole body. Because you also use your arms with an elliptical trainer, your entire body is in motion and you train the muscles in your upper and lower body. You burn about 500 to 600 calories per hour on an elliptical cross trainer. The movement is not burdensome. Unlike running outside, training on an elliptical cross trainer is not taxing on your muscles and joints. [View crosstrainer]


The speed bike can also contribute to your weight loss goal, because: A speed bike is very intensive. You burn a lot of calories! The movement is not taxing. Training with a speed bike is not taxing on your muscles and joints. A speed bike is not very big and therefore does not need much space. [View speed bike]


Do you have a goal to improve your overall fitness? Then it is useful to choose a fitness device on which multiple training options are possible.


Exercising at home with a treadmill has several advantages, such as: Less strain on your muscles and joints. Walking on a treadmill is less taxing than walking outside. This is due to the active cushioning system in the treadmill. Running without distractions. Cars, traffic lights, zebra crossings? With a treadmill you can train without distractions on your fitness equipment. ​You can set the device to your preference. For example, do you want to do an interval training? Or fast walking with a big incline? Everything is possible! [View Treadmills]


Are you going for effectiveness and do you want to train as many muscle groups as possible at the same time? Then a rowing machine is suitable for your purpose. This is because you train both your lower and upper body.


A rowing machine is an ideal fitness equipment for the home, because: You train your muscles in your upper and lower body. On a rowing machine you immediately do a full body workout. A rowing machine is a cardio device with which you can burn calories very well. And because you train a lot of muscles, you also increase the rest burn. When you train on a rowing machine, you have little chance of injuries. Especially compared to sports that you practice outside. [View rowing machines]


To reduce stiff muscles in the back and neck, we recommend that you train your abs. This allows you to adopt a better posture and improve communication between muscles and nerves. You can easily train this on a fitness mat or ab shaper. Do you have serious back and/or neck problems? Always visit a general practitioner first and then train if necessary under the supervision of a physiotherapist.  [View all fitness devices]