Walking on the Flow Fitness DTM100i treadmill becomes even more fun with the WalkingPad app. This app records your performance so that you can accurately track your progress.

Walking on the Flow Fitness DTM100i treadmill becomes even more fun with the WalkingPad app. This app records your performance so that you can accurately track your progress. Besides, the app also has various options for adapting your workouts to your preference. For example, you can specify speed limits, set the automatic mode to sensitivity or adjust the start-up. By entering your personal details, such as your weight, your height and your age, you get extra options.

If you have completed your walking tour, then ofcourse you want to share your record! You can exchange your achievements with others via the app.  Which of your family or friends did you beat today?

The WalkingPad is a free app that you can easily download on your iPhone or Android phone.

Runner DTM100i WalkingPad

A compact treadmill explicitly designed for hikers.


Once you have downloaded the app, turned on your location and connected to Bluetooth on your phone or tablet, you are ready for your new experience.
WalkingPad will first guide you through a beginners guide. In this way you are also immediately introduced to the possibilities of the DTM100i treadmill. You get a clear explanation about how the remote control works and the difference between the manual and the automatic program. Once you have completed the manual, your treadmill will be unlocked and you can increase the speed to 6 KPH instead of 4 KPH.
If you are not using the app immediately, the treadmill will unlock its maximum speed after 2 kilometers.


The app is an upgrade of your remote control, so you can put that away.
You can choose the following options with the app:

– choice of manual or automatic program

– set your goal based on distance, time or calories

– adjust your speed

– view your history and data such as your distance per day, week and month.

– share your performance with your digital walking buddies

– turn child safety on or off.



Another handy option of the WalkingPad is that you get an explanation of how to calibrate your treadmill via the app. This way you prevent the belt from getting away from the center and grinding against the side.
Calibration is also needed to maintain optimum accuracy of the data collected during your walk via the WalkingPad.


Your smartphone communicates with your fitness machine through a Bluetooth connection. Simple and wireless. With the touchscreen of your smartphone you can easily operate the WalkingPad app.