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Treadmills for runners

Written by Marketing
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Are you an avid runner and want to buy a treadmill for your home? Just so you can put on your running shoes at any time, but don't have to walk through the freezing cold or blazing sun? Or do you have to wait for the downpour to stop? You're right! In this blog we show you which treadmills are suitable for runners.


If you want to challenge yourself with interval training, endurance or incline running, we recommend choosing a more advanced model with plenty of options. The Perform T3i treadmill is our most comprehensive and luxurious model. This treadmill for runners is of top quality, which you can enjoy for years to come. The (semi) professional runner will get their money’s worth with this luxurious treadmill with a 9-inch backlit LCD Touchscreen. The T3i has the largest tread on the market, 157 x 56 cm. Even at high speeds (possibility of up to 24 km/h), when the steps are less controlled, the running surface offers sufficient space. Furthermore, the training computer of the T3i has no fewer than 30 programs, of which 20 are pre-programmed, 1 training at a set pace, 2 heart rate programs and 4 programs that you can set yourself.


Our T2i is the little brother of the T3i, but it is hardly inferior to it. This modern and reliable running belt has no fewer than 29 programs, including heart rate-controlled and interval programs, but also programs specifically intended for endurance training. In addition, this model also has a large running surface of 152 x 52 cm. Unique to this model are the quick keys in the handrail. Allows you to quickly select a desired speed or incline by pressing a button within easy reach. The maximum speed is 20 km/h.


Another good option for the avid (home) athlete is the Runner DTM2500. This model also has 29 different programs. The running surface is 145 x 52 cm, so this treadmill takes up slightly less space than the T2i and T3i. This fitness device has a maximum user weight of 160 kilograms, so if you are a bit bigger or heavier, you don’t have to worry about the sturdiness of the device. As you can see, we have a lot of treadmills for runners. Not sure which treadmill is right for you? Then visit one of our dealers. Do you still need some help choosing the ideal model for your needs? Then use our decision aid or contact our dealers.