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Flow Fitness and Kinomap
Flow Fitness and Kinomap come together with this handy workout app for the ultimate fitness experience. Kinomap is compatible with all iConsole products by Flow Fitness, so you can enjoy the more than 70,000 km of realistic videos in the gym, at home, or on the go.

Complete the Tour de France from your living room with Kinomap
Cycling the Tour de France, running the New York marathon, or just walking through the streets of Barcelona? It’s all possible with Kinomap. This workout app includes a range of realistic videos allowing you to participate in your favourite sports competition at any time of the day, while you enjoy the comfort of your own living room.

Countless videos to choose from

New videos from all over the world are shared every day by Kinomap users. Join the growing community of Kinomap users and train from home on your exercise bike, crosstrainer or rower with the help of these engaging videos.


Tablet & Smartphone

Use your smartphone or tablet for Kinomap. Place your device clearly in sight while working out for an optimal experience.

Are you looking for a tablet holder that is perfect for you? Check out the Flow Fitness tablet holder.

Tablet holder


If you have chosen, for example, a stage of the Tour de France, not only do the video images of the French Alps appear, but also a map with the route that you have covered and the number of kilometres ahead. Want to make your own Tour de France even more exciting? Invite family and friends to compete for the bright yellow jersey, using the Multi Player Mode.

Upload your own video

Would you rather ride over the dunes, down the Pieterpad or through the Veluwe, and would you like to let others enjoy your cycling trip as well? You can. Get on your bike, take a camera with GPS-tracking along and upload your own video at the end of your ride. You can bring your favourite route from outdoors indoors.

93 661 km to discover

Check out 93,661 km of shared videos from all over the world and find the perfect one for you, for running, cycling and rowing.


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