iConsole +

With the iConsole+ training app, the possibilities are endless. Choose a random route and cycle with the help of Google Street View & Apple Flyover through a fantastic environment. Or go for the interval program.


With iConsole+, you can choose from quick start, interval training or Map My Route. Easily select the program you like and set the goal for your workout. With the optional chest belt or Apple Watch, you can also check your heart-rate within the app.


Use your smartphone or tablet in combination with your Apple watch for iConsole+ Training. Place your device clearly in sight while working out for an optimal experience.
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Use your favourite apps during your workout.


Your smartphone or tablet communicates through a Bluetooth smart connection with your fitness machine. Easy and wireless. You can easily operate the iConsole+ app with the touchscreen on your tablet, smartphone or Apple watch.

If you would like to use the Map My Route function, a good internet connection is required.


Experience the outdoors indoors. Select a starting point and a finish with Google Maps or Apple Flyover and virtually complete the chosen route.

The Street View or Flyover images show your location and the height differences in the route determine the resistance for your workout. Choose a route close to home, discover the Pyrenees, the Alps or the glowing landscape of Tuscany.


The results of every workout will be stored in a logbook under My Training. This allows you to easily track and review your progress. All your workout results are listed here chronologically.

You also have the option to share your results with others by posting them on social media.