With the FitShow app your treadmill turns into a fitness machine with unprecedented possibilities. Faster, slower, higher or lower incline; you are in complete control via the touchscreen on your tablet, simple and wireless via Bluetooth. But the app offers so much more.

The FitShow app will enable you to create a personal exercise plan, set fitness goals and keep track of your achievements. Whether it’s the number of calories burned, kilometres run, or speed, every detail of your activity will be recorded. This will allow you to track your progress, check if you are on track or challenge yourself to achieve even more ambitious goals. You can then share this on social media.


During your run you can choose between different training programmes, but also different running tracks.

These routes will be displayed as a map or as a realistic street view, which will make you feel like you are running your favourite lap outside. This allows you to experience the joys of running outdoors while you are training inside on your treadmill.

Runner DTM400i Treadmill

A compact treadmill to stay in shape while at home.


It is important to monitor your heart rate when you are training, because the height of your heart rate will determine the result of your training.

By connecting the FitShow app with the Flow Fitness Bluetooth chest belt, your heart rate will become visible and you will be able to train effectively and goal oriented.


Your smartphone communicates with your fitness machine through a Bluetooth connection. Simple and wireless. With the touchscreen of your smartphone you can easily operate the FitShow app.

Runner DTM300i Treadmill

The perfect partner when you want to get in shape.