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Treadmill Lotion 130ml Smart Nozzle

Treadmill Lotion spray ensures that your treadmill continues to run smoothly. By using a straw, the so-called smart nozzle, you simply apply the lubrication spray under the treadmill on the belt. You do not have to remove the belt or even loosen it.

This is how you apply the spray:
Switch off the treadmill.
Remove any dust from the treadmill and the belt.
Carefully lift the belt on the side and spray the lubricant by using the smart nozzle between the treadmill and the belt. Repeat this at the other side of the treadmill.
Switch the treadmill back on, walk on it with a speed of 3 hm/h/ After 3 minutes the fluid will have spread across the rotating parts.

To keep the treadmill in a good condition it is advisable to apply the spray frequently. The lubricant is also available in 420 ml spray cans.

For cleaning and disinfecting your equipment, accessories and yoga mats we recommend you to use Flow Fitness Shine & Protect.

  • Smooth running experience
  • Maintenance and Life extension
Easy to use
  • Smart Nozzle Application
  • € 14.95