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Elliptical Cross Trainers decision aid

Select front or rear driven elliptical crosstrainers
Rear Drive
The rotating disc is located at the rear of the crosstrainer. This makes the crosstrainer compact, and the elliptical motion will be higher than with a front-driven crosstrainer.
Front Drive
The rotating disc is located at the front. This option allows for a flatter elliptical motion than when the drive is at the rear. This creates a natural motion for the feet
Resistance system
Select one or more resistance systems
Computer controlled
The magnetic resistance can be controlled via the computer. The computer also includes various workout programs including heart-rate controlled programs. The resistance will automatically be adjusted based on your heart rate level.
With an ergometer, your effort, or your energy used, is precisely measured. This is expressed in watts. The controls of the ergometer are identical to those on a computer-controlled elliptical.
Training with apps
Select whether you want to train using apps on your smartphone or tablet
Training with apps
The console is equipped with a Bluetooth function. This allows the elliptical to be paired with your tablet or smartphone. By installing free workout apps, the options of the console of your elliptical are greatly expanded.
Training without apps
The computer offers you an array of workout programs. The controls are simple.